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This website is designed to act as a "match-maker" for the Shipping Trade. We hope to help everyone within the industry to fulfil their transport or purchasing requirements by linking clients with the same needs together. If you work in the shipping trade you will be able to fulfil all of your shipping requirements using just this one site. All you need to do is complete the free registration, then tell us your requirements - we'll do the rest. This real-time application was developed by experienced mariners in order to meet the needs of both ship and cargo owners’ for today and in the future. If you have a ship to hire out or have a cargo that needs moving - this is the site is for you. If you have a vessel to sell, we can connect you to a buyer whether you are selling a VLCC or a small yacht. We can also arrange towage for scrap or salvage. We have been working in the shipping trade for over two decades and all our services are provided by highly experienced marine & shipping personnel. These include Master Mariners, qualified ship brokers, surveyors, veteran shipping professionals and maritime experts from around the world, located in a variety of important shipping hubs. With us you don’t have to visit several websites with hundreds of posts or adverts to find the right one. Ship-Trader is a one-stop shop for ship owners, charterers, buyers, sellers and shippers around the world. As we work with current demands against available supplies in real time we are able to offer an unparalleled service.

If you are looking for any of the following, you have come to the right place:

  • Buying or selling a vessel
  • Chartering or having a vessel for charter
  • Maritime business

Complete the free registration and we will be on our way to helping you fulfil your requirements as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our business is to promote your business.